Welcome to verse-by-verse.

This site is presently dedictated to my own personal journey through John’s gospel. It has been years in the making and it’s finally time to start to share what God has been showing me to more people than those in my small group.

This study began in January of 2019. I’d spent the previous few years going through a read-the-Bible-in-a-year program (see old blog posts), and in reading through the whole Bible several times, I started to look at myself as well as the Church. In that reflection, I noticed severe disparities between what I was reading and what I was seeing. I wanted to know and understand and experience what God intended for His Church and that led me to the gospels.

Why John? Many minsters and scholars refer to John’s account of Jesus’ life as a love letter. The Great Romance. It seemed fitting for where I was in my walk with God. Little did I know that delving into John’s writings would take me down such a long and timely path.

How can anyone study only one book of the Bible? The answer is both easy and difficult. I began as I had when reading the Bible through in a year. Read some verses, write a few comments, move on. But I soon found that each verse was rich in and of itself. Each word is a stroke in a much larger painting and the closer you look, the more stunningly beautiful the image gets. This is where I am—completely in love with the Gospel of Christ and perfectly content to meditate on as little as a few words each day.

I pray that as you join me in my study that God will open up His Word to you in a way you have never seen before and you will be enraptured in this Divine Romance as I have been.

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