There are several sermons that I’ve heard in my life that stand out above the rest. One being a message my grandfather preached many years ago. He was my pastor my entire life right up until the time he moved to Heaven – so I heard him preach a lot. The sermon I address now, he titled “Help!”

My grandfather said that there are few prayers God wants to hear more from us than one that simply says, “help!” In that simple word, we are not only displaying our own humility and limitations, but we acknowledge that God is able to make up for our lack. (Only the unwise to ask for the aid of someone whom they know is not able to help them.)

Immediately the father cried out, “I do believe! Help me to believe more!”

Mark 9:23-24 (NCV)

Jesus had just told this man that all things were possible for one who believes. The only thing this man wanted was for the unclean spirit that tormented his son to be cast out. He’d heard the stories of Jesus and knew he was able to accomplish what needed to be done yet the man still harboured unbelief.

There are church circles that might tell you that you will never see a miracle if you don’t believe enough. God won’t come through if there is any doubt in your heart. But what about this man? He stood in front of Jesus begging him to free his son. He said he believed and then he asked Jesus to help his unbelief. Did Jesus turn him away because he didn’t have enough faith? Did Jesus sit down an give him a lesson on the pitfalls of doubt? No! Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit and set the boy free.

I wonder if we would become more bold in the way we prayed if we went to God with what little belief we may have, asked for the big things, and then asked God to help us believe more.

Would you continue believing for a new pair of socks or would you ask God to make the sun stand still?

Daily Bible reading: Numbers 28-29, Mark 9:1-29

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