Silence truly is a virtue. I’ve spent much of my life merely observing. And those times when I chose to participate, my mouth often gets me in trouble.

But he [Jesus] remained silent and made no answer.

Mark 14:61 (ESV)

In the face of his accusers, Jesus chose silence over argument. He already knew what was to come, there was no use in trying to change the situation.

I think I can safely say that none of us has ever faced crucifixion. But we will often face questioning when our words will get us nowhere. Rather than making an attempt to argue your point when you already know what the outcome will be, try silence. Be the bigger person. Avoid further conflict.

There are times for words and there are times for silence. Silence is often more valuable.

Daily Bible reading: Deuteronomy 23-25, Mark 14:51-72

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