For the sake of my servant

Do you ever take the time to wonder how your actions will affect the next generation? I’m going to hazard a guess and say not much. Those with children may think about it a little more often than those of us without.

Did you know that blessing and curses are generational? They don’t end when you end, they keep going.

Yet for the sake of David your father I will not do it in your days, but I will tear it out of the hand of your son.

1 Kings 11: 12 (ESV)

This phrase repeats itself through the rest of the chapter. Because of David. For the sake of my servant David. Because of David’s heart toward God, his offspring was spared further down the road long after he was gone. The affect of his loyalty to God was felt centuries after his death. God honoured David’s line because of David.

The end result: Jesus. Because of one man’s faithfulness, God was able to bring forth a saviour.

What will your legacy be? Will generations after you be blessed because you are faithful?

Daily Bible reading: 1 Kings 10-11; Luke 24:1-35

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