The Lord Appeared Again

Today was one of those days where I read over a passage of scripture that I’m quite certain I’ve read over and over again and never noticed what I noticed today.

The LORD appeared again to Abraham…

Genesis 18:1a (NLT)

These six words are loaded. First of all being LORD. As in capital L-O-R-D. God. I Am. Yes. God himself appeared to Abraham. Again. Wait. What?!?!

Hands up if you’re one of the many who has a tendency to view God as the invisible God. He Who Shall Not Be Seen.

*hands up*

Apparently God appearing in physical form (this wasn’t just a vision because the Lord ate and travelled in subsequent verses) to Abraham was a regular occurrence. And, if not regular, it happened more than once because, in this verse, it’s happened again.

How cool would that be? Some commentaries say that Abraham was sitting at the entrance of his tent waiting for travellers to pass by, seeking an opportunity to offer hospitality. Others say that, since this is a continuation from the previous chapter, Abraham needed a few days rest following his circumcision. No matter what Abraham’s reason for chilling on his front porch, he recognised the Lord and immediately did everything he could to honour the presence of God. Rest here in the most comfortable place I have to offer. Honey, bake me the best bread you can. Guys, let’s get the best steak on the table ASAP.

I wonder what I would do if God showed up at my door.I’d probably pass out. When I came to, I’d madly try to tidy up my house. I’d root around in the freezer to see if I had anything worth cooking for royalty. I’d be a mess.

But is that how my response should be? Or should I, like Abraham, be able to treat God with more familiarity? Sure, Abraham went to every length to make the Lord comfortable. He honoured God. But he also knew God. It seems possible that Abraham has done this before. And after a good meal and some rest, Abraham was able to speak freely with the Lord and the Lord listened.

I’d like to have the same familiarity with God that Abraham did.

Daily Bible reading: Genesis 18-19, Matthew 6

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