Have you ever made a promise? Wait. That’s a silly question. Of course you’ve made promises.

Have you kept all your promises?

How often do we make promises throughout our day without even thinking about it? It’s become a part of our every day language, yet we’ve lost the true meaning of the concept.

PROMISE: In a general sense, a declaration, written or verbal, made by one person to another, which binds the person who makes it, either in honour, conscience or law, to do or forbear a certain act specified; a declaration which gives to the person to whom it is made, a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of the act.

I’ve had a lot of people promise me things and never come through. I’m not the kind of person who would go and claim the performance of forbearance of the act. Should I be?

In 1 Samuel 20 David and Jonathan make a promise to each other binding themselves to each other with God as witness. This promise forces Jonathan to act against his own father. Had he decided that his familial relationship was worth more than his word, David would have died at the hand of Saul. God’s anointed would have been slain and Jesus’ bloodline cut off.

Because one man decided it was his duty to keep his word, to keep his promise, we have a Saviour.

Now, maybe the promises you make every day won’t result in a messiah, but think about the consequence of your word both before you make it, and when you have to decide whether to keep it or not.

Daily Bible reading: 1 Samuel 19-21; Luke 15:11-32

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